Schema Markup

Schema Markup for Local Business Websites

Schema markup is a type of microdata which you add to your website’s HTML code that tells a browser what information is on your website and how to display it. Primarily, it helps structure the data to make it easier for search engines to arbitrate the distinction between different kinds of content.

Schema markup helps the search engines crawl your website to read the website content and understand its focus. Schema markup helps to improve your website’s performance in local search results. It also gives more local information, such as your phone number, within the results.

Here are some of the top reasons why schema markup is important for local business websites.

Importance of Schema Markup

Increase Your Click Rate

Local schema markup can be used to enhance your website visibility in SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) So that the website gets more clicks.

Schema increases click-through rates. You can flaunt your review scores, event info, social proof, phone numbers, local business info, and other ‘rich results’. You can also add CTA (calls to action), to improve your click rates.

Improve Your Brand Presence in Search Results

One of the ways to get more organic clicks is to have your local business knowledge graph appear in SERPs. Schema markup helps improve your brand presence in search results by extending the knowledge graph.

Knowledge graph lends credibility to businesses by displaying info such as ratings, reviews, business bio, social media presence etc. before the user clicks through.

Improve SERP Rankings

Local schema markup can be used to improve your website’s SERP rankings, If search engines understand your website’s topics of focus, they’re more likely to show it in relevant searches. Without a markup schema, you might slip through the cracks more often.

Create Rich Snippets

One of the best ways to establish your local business as an authority in your field online is with rich snippets. These are small bits of content snipped from your website that provide a direct answer to the person’s query.

If someone searches for a recipe, and your site has one, Google will show the full recipe as the top result – even above the top organic results.

By adding schema markup to your recipes, you make it more likely that Google will use your content for rich snippets.

Prepare Your Website for Voice Search

With voice search spreading rapidly, peculiarly for local searches, schema markup can prepare your content for voice queries. This will give your website greater visibility for voice searches as they continue to increase in use.

Types of Schema Markup

Schema Markup for Reviews

Schema markup for reviews will display an average ranking out of 5 stars, along with the number of overall reviews. This means that anyone with highly rated products can put them front and centre.

Yes! It is possible to add your local business or product reviews to rich snippets.

Schema Markup for Addresses

Schema markup for addresses not only adds location information to the rich snippet, it can also be used to add Google Maps display and quick links so people can immediately find out how to get to you from their current location.

Schema Markup for Articles & Blogs

Whether you are publishing a news article or a blog post, it is important to make it clear to Google how recent and how relevant your content is. This type of schema markup defines your headline, any associated images and the publishing date.

This is beneficial when trying to get content to appear in Google News results or from in-depth article search suggestions.

Schema Markup for Organizations & Logos

This type of schema markup provides your local business’s name, address, web profiles on sites like LinkedIn, Twitter, or YouTube, contact information, and logo.

When trying to improve your business’s knowledge graph entry, this is the schema to use.


Adding local schema markup to your local business website is one of the best ways to increase your website’s SERP visibility. It adds more information about your local business and your local business website on Google Search Results Pages for users, giving them more incentive to click.

There are many kinds of schema markup to use for your local business. Schema markups for different industries show different types of information. It should be a part of every local SEO checklist.

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